#132: My Flipping Life

Renovation, real estate, and real life. After flipping over 150 homes, Amber Miller of Threshold Homes knows there is always something to learn, and the most important step is to START. In life we can often become paralyzed by fear and often wait until we have all the research and information to make a decision. But going against what might seem like the “responsible” choice – Amber reminds us that if you want a different life, you have to be willing to do things different than everyone else.

From small updates that create a big impact, tips for selecting a home to flip, and an aspiring investors checklist – its all covered in this week’s brand new episode. Tune in to uncover why success make not look the same for everyone and why it’s so important to follow your calling.

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We believe Leaders are READERS, below are a few of our favorite leadership books:

  • Entreleadership – 20 years of practical business wisdom, Dave Ramsey
  • The Ideal Team Player – How to recognize and cultivate three ideal traits in your team, Patrick Lencioni
  • Business Boutique– A woman’s guide for making money and doing what she loves, Christy Wright 

Our 3 Most Recent Episodes:

  • EP #131: Brand with Purpose: Fact: your brand is what gets you hired. As a real estate agent, you need to focus on building your brand around your uniqueness – instead of trying to fit the typical “salesperson” mold.
  • EP #130: Develop Personally to Succeed Professionally: Have you ever considered what is truly holding you back from accomplishing your goals? Could it be self-doubt, fear of failure, or concern of the outcome? Realtor and Author Dawn Towne is on a mission to encourage us to live now as the women we aspire to be. 
  • EP #129: Be more Effective and Efficient Real estate is an industry with what some would consider a low barrier of entry, it can produce a 6 figure income, and include personal flexibility 9-5 jobs may not allow for. But many agents still struggle and burnout is a common theme.

Written & Produced by Kayla Davis | Hosted by Kyle Malnati

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