#64: 5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Business

An Entrepreneur is defined as some one who starts a business and takes on greater financial risk in order to do so. But what if we told you we had the secrets to avoiding some of that risk in your business and increasing your revenue? Jimmy Mackin, the Co-Founder of Curaytor, through experience of growing his own start up company, has discovered the 5 big mistakes to avoid when building your business. Getting stuck in the viscous cycle, failing to invest in your brand, thinking agents are loyal, obsessing over strangers, and failure to eliminate legacy debt all stop you from growing your company at an exponential rate. Tune into this special episode in which Kyle and Jimmy get tactical on not only how to recognize you’re making these mistakes, but also how to calibrate your business back onto the path of success.

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On This Episode You’ll Lean More About:

  • Temptation to do everything is real – don’t forget what makes you special
  • Keep it simple and say no to “good ideas”
  • How to build a growth engine
  • Why the whirlwind effect is negatively effecting your business
  • Build moat around your business. It is the only way to create loyalty
  • Using stories & examples to bridge the gap between communication with your clients to stay relevant
  • Your Customers ARE your Investors


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~Kyle Malnati, REALTOR
Calibrate Real Estate
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