#48: Clarify Your Marketing Message

Amazon is the prime example of success many use when discussing business, some would even go as far to vilianize Amazon because of their continued growth and ability to “take over”. However, not as many people are asking what Amazon did differently and how WE can incorporate those tactics into our own business. Consumers buy based on trust, and companies like Amazon have clarified a consistent message to their audience so people know to trust them – and buy from them. What are you communicating to your clients, and is it CLEAR what your message is? On this episode, Marketing Guru and brand expert Jimmy Mackin, Co-Founder of Curaytor shares tangible skills you can start using TODAY to increase revenue, attract customers, and stop wasting marketing dollars.

In this episode you’ll learn more on:

  • Brand Clarity
  • Marketing that gets a response
  • How to best communicate and reach out to your current customers
  • Tips on how to stop wasting your marketing dollars
  • Positioning yourself as the GUIDE in the story

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We believe Leaders are READERS, below are a few of our favorite leadership books:

  • Entreleadership – 20 years of practical business wisdom, Dave Ramsey
  • The Ideal Team Player – How to recognize and cultivate three ideal traits in your team, Patrick Lencioni
  • Business Boutique – A woman’s guide for making money and doing what she loves, Christy Wright 

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~Kyle Malnati, REALTOR
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