#104: In Memory of Chris Oakley

My heart is heavy as I watched the memorial service for my dear friend, Chris Oakley, who tragically passed away at 37-years of age in a hunting accident this month.  I worked with Chris for the past 4 years. Our relationship started as Chris was assigned to me as my business coach, but he quickly became my friend.

I would talk to Chris every week and went to visit him in Nashville once a year. He also came to Denver to visit me. After a day of business strategy for Calibrate Real Estate, he visited my home for dinner with our family, played with my children, and laughed with us all.

Chris genuinely believed in me. Each time I talked to Chris he was there to help clarify what I was confused about… and as a budding leader and entrepreneur, I have needed a lot of guidance. 

Chris believed that business is a platform for ministry. In his 20s, he was part of a mentoring group that did a book study on the Principal of the Path by Andy Stanley which led him to write his own obituary. The idea was that you should live God’s calling daily.

What I learned about Chris, while watching his friends deliver his eulogy today, was that he has been impact on countless people’s lives. 

Here are a few of the great lessons that were shared when reflecting upon the life of Chris Oakley today:
– he was a gift which is why this pain is so real
– encourage others
– tell the people that you love that you love them out loud
– have the courage to chase your dreams
– his memory will never go away, he was truly one of a kind

God used one man to change the trajectory of a lot of people, and we are all thankful for Chris and the way he lived out God’s calling in his life. I’ll miss you, Chris. 

Written & Hosted by Kyle Malnati | Produced by Kayla Davis

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