CRE #169: Nail Your Next Presentation

Like most real estate investors, when best-selling author Dave Dubeau started out in the business he thought he had to cold-call, schmooze and chase after people to raise money. As an introvert, he hated the idea of massive rejection from cold calling and schmoozing felt desperate and a waste of time. He knew if this career was going to work, he would have to try something completely different. It was time to stop chasing investors and instead have them come to him.

Dave wrote The Money Partner Formula™, a tried, proven, and effective way to create a regular flow of inbound investor inquiries about your deals. And this week, Dave joins the podcast to discuss the fundamentals of an effective client presentation so that you can win more clients and make more deals happen.

Dave understands that over 80% of Real Estate Entrepreneurs get stuck with 3 or less properties in their portfolio. They want to grow it more, but they don’t know how to attract investors and raise capital, which is why he decided to make helping frustrated, Capital-strapped Real Estate Entrepreneurs his life’s work. Whatever your budget, whatever stage of your real estate investment business you are at Dave can help you reach your goals! Tune in to learn more!

We believe Leaders are READERS, below are a few of our favorite leadership books:

  • Entreleadership – 20 years of practical business wisdom, Dave Ramsey
  • The Ideal Team Player – How to recognize and cultivate three ideal traits in your team, Patrick Lencioni
  • Business Boutique– A woman’s guide for making money and doing what she loves, Christy Wright 

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Written & Produced by Anne Russell
Hosted by Kyle Malnati

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