#36: Land of Opportunity


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Migrating to the US from the Dominican Republic at a young age with zero English Language skills you would expect someone to be at a disadvantage – this is the exact opposite for Carlos German. Carlos was set on coming to America for an education, to seize all opportunities, and lead a successful life.

Carlos always had an interest in technology and thought he might have a career in this field. After deciding to take a year off of school after high school, Carlos fell into real estate by completing real estate school during a family vacation on a whim and soon after was offered a job by a family friend. After gaining some experience, Carlos started his own brokerage – Carlos German & Team, and used his technology  strengths to grow his business.

Today, Carlos is focused on growing his team and surrounding himself with information and influential people in the field. He openly shares his high value on role models, and to not only admire them from afar, but to seek them directly and connect. This abundance mindset drives Carlos to educate and in turn be generous with his shared opportunities.

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~Kyle Malnati, REALTOR
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