CRE #176: The Blueprint for Success with Self-Storage Investing

We all know investing in real estate is a smart move, but these days it can be difficult to get on the property ladder with historically high markets. We invited self-storage expert, Jacob Vanderslice, Principal at VanWest Partners, to join the Calibrate Real Estate Podcast this week to share the fundamentals of this strong investment class.

Jacob’s firm, VanWest Partners, is a Denver-based real estate investment firm focusing on the acquisition and management of self-storage centers throughout the United States. By focusing on this growing real estate sector, they have established a track record with over $195mm in real estate assets. Jacob and his partners’ success is driven by a commitment to delivering an expertly-executed, adaptable strategy with an institutional investment approach.

In this expansive conversation, Jacob shares his best practices for choosing the right investment, debunks the myths that this is a hands-off investment model, and shares his philosophy for managing the different types of storage assets. As Jacob says, “We think creating wealth in real estate is about passive, recurring revenue streams.” Tune in to learn more!

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Written & Produced by Anne Russell
Hosted by Kyle Malnati

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