CRE #171: Bootstrap Boogie – Scaling Your Virtual Real Estate Business

Founder and CEO of Complete Controller, Jennifer Brazer believes that all business owners should have access to excellent financial data to fuel their critical decisions.

She has developed efficient bookkeeping, records storage methods, and a delivery system that allows businesses to stay securely connected to their financial data without being tethered to an office.

Jennifer’s company, founded in 2007, has become the turnkey Client Accounting Services (CAS) department for CPA firms across the country, allowing them to tap into her platform for single sign-on access to all of their client’s books and records, standardized practices, and unlimited bookkeeping talent.

Jennifer joins the Calibrate Real Estate Podcast to discuss her book, From Cubicle To Cloud: How to Start and Scale a Virtual Professional Service Business. Using her real-world experience building a completely online company, Jennifer guides us through the process of making your business virtual.

To learn more about the tools used in this book or how to start building your own CAS model, visit

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Hosted by Kyle Malnati

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