Real Estate Mastermind

Last week, James Nellis coordinated a roundtable discussion with a successful group of real estate professionals in Washington, DC. The Mastermind event was hosted by prior winners of Realtor Magazine’s “30 Under 30” award from Maryland, Virginia, and DC: Brandon GreenKoki Adasi, Anslie Stokes, and Bo Menkiti.

James Nellis

The title of James’ Mastermind presentation was: “Lets Get Practical.” James polled the audience to see what topics were important for the attendees. Here are the bullet points from our discussion:

Lets Get Practical

01. Systems: best for operating business
02. Grow from “team leader” to CEO
03. Lead generation
04. Marketing and social media strategies
05. Leverage your time effectively
06. Ideal calendar/schedule
07. Buyer presentation
08. Creating a brokerage on solid foundation
09. Strategies to break through a ceiling (plateau)
10. Education
11. Taking care of your team
12. Scripts for Seller pricing objections
13. Winning culture on your team
14. Work/Life balance
15. Leverage your network

What’s missing? Would you have added anything to our list?

From my perspective, it was James’ goal to cater to every question that our group had on our minds. I really appreciated that he wanted to get all of our thoughts on the table, and for us all to discuss how we might be able to tackle these questions together.

This was a very effective exercise, and it ended up being one of the best masterminds that I’ve ever seen.

James Nellis is the CEO of the Nellis Group and was awarded Realtor Magazine’s prestigious “30 under 30” award in 2005.