REALTOR Magazine: Survey Reveals Qualities of Agents Who Make $100k/year or More

Survey Reveals Qualities of Agents Who Make $100k or More.

REALTOR Magazine surveyed over 1,300 real estate agents that make more than $100,000 annually to see what traits/characteristics made them different.  As a Top Producer in Denver, I have personally found that all of these traits are accurate.  Some of the traits are fairly obvious, like “closing more transactions.”  I can personally attest that I attribute my own success to all of the bullet points below.  I’ve also found that any colleagues I’ve worked with in the past tend that are $100,000/year commission earners to exhibit the same qualities.  In addition to the link to REALTOR Magazine’s website above (, I’ve also provided the Qualities of Agents Who Make $100k or More below:

— Close more transactions: 66% of $100k+ real estate agents close 20 or more deals/year

— Appeal to the high-end market: $100k+ real estate agents tend to sell higher priced property (commercial real estate and residential real estate)

— Work longer hours: 42% of $100k+ real estate agents work between 40-50 hours/week and 41% work 50+ hours/week 

— Spend more on marketing: 62% of “middle-income” agents tend to spend less than $2,500/year on marketing while 63% of $100k+ real estate agents spent more than $5,000/year on marketing

— Spend more on technology: 50%+ of $100k+ real estate agents spend over $2,500/year and 25% spend over $5,000/year on technology while 84% of “middle-income” earning real estate agents spend less than $2,500/year on technology

— Use social networking and Web sites: almost 50% of $100k+ real estate agents update their website at least a few times a week while  “middle-income” earning real estate agents only update a website/blog once a month.  Nearly 50% of the $100k+ real estate agents surveyed report having 500+ friends on Facebook and $100k+ real estate agents were also more likely to have a YouTube and/or Twitter account.

I can promise my clients with conviction that I am already accomplishing more of these traits than the average real estate agent in Denver, Colorado.  This is why I have been able to consistently perform higher than the average real estate broker.  My clients have written Testimonials on my website (click the TESTIMONIALS) tab on to see Kyle Malnati’s Testimonials and Referral Letters from clients.  Please also take a look at my blog posts about my 30 Under 30 Realtor Magazine application

~ Kyle Malnati: Madison Commercial Properties – Madison & Co. Properties Denver, CO