#34: Words of Wisdom Part 2


Since getting started in Podcasting in 2014, we have been audience to some amazing advice and inspiration from leaders across the country. Small business owners, investors, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs of all sorts share the advice they wish they could have given themselves when they were 22. Tune into this special finale of a 2- part series in which we share some of the best moments and true, words of wisdom. 

Guest Featured:

  1. Tara Moore – CRE EP12: Inside Secrets of a Real Estate Mom 
  2. Bo Menkiti – Kyle Malnati Show EP13
  3. Sarah Lyons – CRE EP17: Top Producer Habits 
  4. Ralph Larson – Kyle Malnati Show EP8
  5. Lesia Anders – Kyle Malnati Show EP9
  6. Meredith Lane Ferguson CRE EP32: Adapting Through Hardship 
  7. Sean Moudry CRE EP30: Rising Out of Failure 

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Our Top 3 Episodes:

  • EP #31: Rising Out of Failure – Sean Moudry                                                                  Sean Moudry was a millionaire by age 25 and one of the top agents of ReMax – he was a pro at creating passive income and built up his wealth. Then in 2009 the recession changed every thing. From the top to the bottom, Sean shares his story of rising from the ashes of failure.
  • EP #30: Interview Questions you should be asking – Kyle Malnati                         You’ve made the decision that it’s time to hire and you’re excited that help is on the way! Quickly after the excitement wears off you realize that now you must recruit and bring in candidates. You’re already dreading the process and don’t know where to start…
  • EP #28: Who HATES Hiring?! – Kyle Malnati                                                                       As business Owners and Leaders, one of the hardest aspects of the business can be hiring. Often we find ourselves wishing there was a playbook for how to find the best team mate. Well, now there is just that. Kyle Malnati, the host of our show, shares his 8 step hiring process for success.

~Kyle Malnati, REALTOR
Calibrate Real Estate
900 East Louisiana Avenue #203, Denver, CO 80210

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