2018 Q2 Central Denver Multifamily Sales Comps

Calibrate Real Estate, in conjunction with the Denver Apartment Buildings for Sale website, published it’s 2nd Quarter newsletter for 2018. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide insight on the direction of the Central Denver apartment sales market and to recap the transactions that have occurred since our last newsletter was published. These transactions occurred within (4/1/18-6/31/18). We have compiled the CoStar sales comps. in Central Denver that include multifamily and 5+ units. Details below:

Q2 Newsletter PG2

Row 1 (Left to Right):
2035 S. Josephine Street sold for $6,850,000 ($171,250/Unit)
821 Corona Street sold for $12,000,000 ($400,000/Unit)
1840 Vine Street sold for $1,040,000 ($173,333/Unit)
1218 Washington Street sold for $1,775,000 ($221,875/Unit)

Row 2 (Left to Right):
900 E. 8th Avenue sold for $6,225,000 ($222,321/Unit)
809 Dexter Street sold for $7,499,000 ($194,737/Unit)
1267 Marion Street sold for $1,061,000 ($212,200/Unit)
1117 Pennsylvania Street sold for $2,800,000 ($200,000/Unit)

Row 3 (Left to Right):
1525-1535 Filbert Court sold for $3,400,000 ($242,857/Unit)
1588 & 1594 S. Albion Street sold for $3,477,000 ($144,875/Unit)
1650 S. Albion Street sold for $3,235,000 ($134,791/Unit)
1517 Ash Street sold for $1,800,000 ($200,000/Unit)

Row 4 (Left to Right):
1200 Clarkson Street sold for $1,200,000 ($200,000/Unit)
4101 E. Iowa Avenue sold for $1,871,000 ($155,916/Unit)
1575 Lafayette Street sold for $9,525,000 ($232,317/Unit)
1600 S. Albion Street sold for $2,031,000 ($135,400/Unit)

Row 5 (Left to Right):
2155 S. Josephine Street sold for $3,450,000 ($150,000/Unit)
1520 S. Albion Street sold for $3,336,000 ($145,043/Unit)
1010 E. 13th Avenue sold for $8,200,000 ($182,222/Unit)
1358 Ogden Street sold for $2,314,750 ($178,058/Unit)
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