#31: 10 Attributes of Great Real Estate Investors


Our Host, Kyle Malnati, has been a Realtor for over 13 years and through his years of experience with commercial real estate, he shares with our audience his belief that successful investors show us how to WIN in business. As we reflect on every meeting, phone discussion, or interview with our clients, we realize that there are some universal traits that the most successful real estate investors possess. We are excited to share these attributes with YOU.

1. They are BOLD.
They are courageous. Everyone has fears, even great investors. What separates great real estate investors from everyone else is that they are NOT AFRAID to start. They are eager to get their hands dirty.

2. They are OPTIMISTIC.
Great investors have great inner confidence in themselves that, in the end, THEY will win. In fact, they routinely EXPECT the most favorable outcome will occur for them. This doesn’t mean that “optimists” are the only successful investors… actually, being a “realist” can be just as helpful when needing to consider the downsides of an investment. Great investors are simply optimistic that THEY CAN FIND A WAY TO WIN.

3. They are AUTHENTIC.
In a world dominated by social media, people are seeking authentic individuals more than ever. The best investors are genuine. They are the real deal. They are honest whether they are right or wrong. They are reliable and trustworthy.

Great real estate investors realize that THEIR success is LIMITED to the help that they receive from others. Great investors most often live by the Golden Rule (in their personal and professional lives). As I mentioned previously, they are authentic so they learn to surround themselves with reliable and trustworthy teammates.

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5. They know their STRENGTHS.
This means that they also know their weaknesses. The best investors make it very clear what they are good at and what they are not. Great real estate investors learn to hire the best people to back-fill their own weaknesses.

6. They are INTENTIONAL.
No wasted steps or wasted movement. Great investors WALK WITH A PURPOSE. They set goals, follow a plan, and hit their goals. Successful real estate investors live a purpose driven lifestyle that starts with the question, “WHY?”

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7. They follow a SIMPLE PLAN.
They understand that so much of success is getting up every day and going to WORK! Great real estate investors don’t overly complicate their lives; they stick to the fundamentals. Real estate success is a product of intentional reaping and sowing. You must plow the field, plant the seeds (sowing), and then you get to reap the rewards of the harvest. After you’ve enjoyed the fruits of your labor, wake up tomorrow and repeat.

8. They CREATE multiple income streams
Great investors don’t go “all in.” Investing isn’t a dramatic scene at a Vegas casino. Great investors diversify. All businesses experience ups and downs. The best real estate investors create multiple streams of income so that they can “weather the storm” with their other businesses when one particular investment or industry isn’t performing well.

9. They are DRIVEN.
Great investors aren’t timid. To use a basketball analogy, they drive the lane and score. Successful real estate investors have a tremendous work ethic. Their drive causes them to strive vigorously toward their goals.

10. They learn to DECIMATE DEBT.
Debt hampers your net profits. I’ve NEVER met an 80-year old with a loan on their apartment building. Why is that? While real estate investors may have used a bank loan to initially purchase their rental property, they understand they they are ultimately in business with the bank until they pay off their loans. Successful investors take great strides to pay off their mortgages systematically and quickly. The greatest limit to your success is how much you choose to involve debt in your business.

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