#27: Working with Wealth – 2018 Mastermind

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Ivan Estrada didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills and wasn’t born into wealth – however he has made a very sucessful career understanding and building a business relationship with the rich and famous. How you might ask? Ivan shares it’s all about fostering trust and truly treating his high end clients like anyone else, they just want someone to help with buy or sell a home – they aren’t looking for another fan.

Ivan’s clients range from first-time home buyers to the elite, purchasing multi-million-dollar estates. His philosophy is that each deal is a partnership, not just a transaction. By implementing this ideology in business, he has cultivated relationships throughout the entertainment industry with CEOs, talent agents, business managers, attorneys and CPA’s on a global scale. Ivan has been able to successfully market his business unlike any other agent with a widespread presence on social media venues such as YouTube (The Real Estate Minute), Facebook and Instagram.

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