#26: How to Plan a Successful Real Estate Event (Part 2) – 2018 Mastermind

As a conclusion to last week’s Part 1 of Real Estate event planning, Amy and Kyle deep dive into the details for the day of the big event and what important step most people often overlook – what to do after the event is completed. In Part 1, “the plan” was discussed and how to create the plan. In this episode, steps 7-14 are covered and is more focused on recruiting the right people and implementing your plan.

These final steps include the necessity of surveying your guest in order to create appropriate content and event materials, catering (one of the biggest ticket items of event planning), hosting an event happy hour, keeping a “tight grip” on your designated speakers, and facilitating a full after action review of your event once it is completed

For more information on this exciting event in Denver earlier this year with 100+ attendees, check out our full blog post here:  Spring 30 Under 30 Mastermind

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