#17: Top Producer Habits

Have you ever wondered what it takes to not only be a top producer, but keep the title for 3 years straight? Sarah Lyons has done just that and is the top producer at Century 21 out of Fort Worth Texas with over 900 agents and has only been working in the world of real estate for 4 short years.

With a degree in Accounting and after being a stay at home mom for 3 years, Sarah needed a way to provide for her family while her husband was in medical school and found a local Groupon for Real Estate classes. Four months after enrolling she was licensed and hit the ground running and has been a top producer since early on in her career, including being recognized at a national level by Realtor Magazine as a 30 Under 30 in 2017.


With such motivational leaders as Dave Ramsey and Brian Buffini, Sarah has used her success to continue her debt-free journey and grow her wealth. Using todays technological advances, audio-books, educating her clients from start to finish, and most importantly what Sarah calls “pop-bys”, have all led to her big successes in the world of real estate.

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“The reason I work so hard for my clients is so I can support my family. Authenticity is key.” – Sarah Lyons  

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