#16: Overcoming Adversity

Ashley Dietch-Schaefer fell into the world of real estate and worked her way up the ladder from an administrative position to full time agent in a few short years. Quickly after becoming licensed, her then boyfriend, now husband, was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of bone tissue cancer. What followed was 9 months of intense chemotherapy and the harsh reality of learning to persevere through adversity while maintaining productivity in her career.


Now, as a successful Broker/Owner of Hello Homes GR, the mom of 5 month old son, and a successful leader in the industry, Ashley has learned the biggest key is asking for help and admitting when you are struggling. Listen in on this very special episode in which Ashley and Kyle discuss the importance of being authentic and vulnerable in your business and the massive impact of having a positive mindset.

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“Real estate is the career for me. This experience is how I know this is what I want to do – because I’ve been through this and was still able to have a successful career.” – Ashley Dietch-Shaefer 

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