REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Questions & Answers, by Kyle Malnati (Madison Commercial Properties)

REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Question #4:What sets you apart from other real estate pros?

Answer: The majority of my clients are actually REALTORs. They have owned investment properties to supplement their primary business and require a specialist to sell their building for them. I find it an especially wonderful compliment that the most sophisticated and knowledgeable real estate owners choose to have me list their apartment buildings. My REALTOR clients are fully capable of selling their properties themselves, but feel the need to hire me because of my expertise, attention to detail, and candid communication. I think that my REALTOR clients feel that I can exceed their expectations and realistically represent their best interests. ~ Kyle Malnati, Madison Commercial Properties – Madison & Co. Properties

REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Question #5: What is your business strategy? Has it changed over time?

Answer: My business strategy has always been consistently focused on maintaining an accurate database for my farm, Central Denver’s apartment neighborhoods. By having a detailed focus on a specific area, my clients were able to realize that I was very knowledgeable about their market at a young age. I actually won a listing appointment after impressing the Seller of 1042 Logan Street, Lisa Ruda, by reciting from memory the past sales on their block while standing in front of the apartment building. Lisa is a REALTOR that was capable of handling her sale if necessary, and her family had owned the building before I was born. Establishing myself as a market specialist expedited my knowledge at a young age and gave me a leg-up on my competition. ~ Kyle Malnati, Madison Commercial Properties – Madison & Co. Properties