CRE #196: 2023 Denver Tax Assessments Explained by Keith Erffmeyer

The Denver Apartment market is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, that means the tax assessments that are mailed to owners on May 1st will also be at all-time highs. We want our clients to be prepared, informed, and proactive.

We invited Denver County’s Assessor, Keith Erffmeyer, to join the podcast this week to discuss how residential real property is valued and best practices for protesting your valuation. Keith goes over everything apartment owners need to know about property taxes and the valuation process and presents a preview of 2023 assessments for Central Denver apartment buildings. This presentation was specifically tailored for Central Denver Apartment owners.

As a fee-based service, Calibrate Real Estate has had over 90% success appealing tax valuations for our clients that results in a decrease in valuation! Hiring someone who knows how to navigate the tax protest and appeal process is key.

The stakes are high this year for Property Valuations.  More than ever, you’re going to want to ensure your new valuation accurately reflect the market, and that the correct comps were used in determining your value.  If you have any questions about your new values, we are available to help!

Download Keith’s slide presentation

In this podcast Keith will go over:

  • The Property Tax Cycle
  • Assessment Basics
  • Critical Dates
  • Sales Verification
  • Sales Counts
  • Valuation Models
  • Developing Models
  • Model Stratification
  • Time Trending
  • 2023 Appeal Period
  • Protesting Suggestions
  • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Testing Models
  • Comparables
  • Median Changes
  • 2022 Legislation
  • How To Calculate Residential Taxes
  • How To Calculate Commercial Taxes

About Keith: In 1994 Keith joined the Assessor’s Office as an intern and worked his way diligently through the ranks within the office. He has been a Certified General Appraiser for years and in 2005 he became the Commercial Section Supervisor and later was promoted to the role of Deputy Assessor and Chief Appraiser. He has served as Denver County’s Assessor since 2014.

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Written & Produced by Andrew Foresman
Hosted by Kyle Malnati

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