CRE #190: Get More Seller Leads

Esteban Andrade, the founder of Hesel™ Media, knows the power of investing in yourself and your business. He is an engineer by profession and has extensive knowledge of product development and project management after spending years leading teams of designers, product engineers, and brand experts.

Today Esteban helps Real Estate Brokers build fully automated marketing systems so they can generate inbound motivated seller leads. In the latest episode of the Calibrate Real Estate Podcast, Esteban shares how he helps REALTORS go from stressed and worried to enjoying their hustle with automated leads. Tune in to learn more.

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We believe Leaders are READERS, below are a few of our favorite leadership books:

  • Entreleadership – 20 years of practical business wisdom, Dave Ramsey
  • The Ideal Team Player – How to recognize and cultivate three ideal traits in your team, Patrick Lencioni
  • Business Boutique– A woman’s guide for making money and doing what she loves, Christy Wright 

Our 3 Most Recent Episodes:

  • EP #189: Capture. Categorize. Create. Douglas J. Beck is a life coach, an entrepreneur, and a business growth strategist. He always felt the traditional career path wasn’t right for him, so he made the bold decision to give up his 9-to-5 for the freedom of entrepreneurship. Though challenging, Douglas has learned a great deal on his journey, and became passionate about helping other people succeed through what he learned.
  • EP #187: Triple Your Listings If you want to have a long career in real estate, you need to focus on listings. But in a Seller’s market, where do you find them?International Speaker and Bestselling Author, Knolly Williams, listed and sold more than 1,000 homes in his first ten years as a REALTOR, and joins the podcast this week to share his favorite tricks and tips to sign more listings.
  • EP #186: Stand Out in a Sea of Brokers This week on the Podcast, REALTOR Magazine 30 Under 30 honoree for 2021, Molly Branson, joins the Podcast and shares what she’s learned after achieving this incredible honor. Like many extroverts, she knew a standard 9-5 desk job would not make her happy.  Her fascination with real estate started from a young age and after graduating college with student debt, she decided to take the plunge and become a REALTOR. 

Written & Produced by Anne Russell
Hosted by Kyle Malnati

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