SOLD: Your Family Legacy Matters to Us

The mission of Calibrate Real Estate is: “we exist to help people create generational wealth through real estate.” We believe that is our calling, our responsibility! At the core of our mission, we work with families. The Schober family is our most recent example of how we love serving at Calibrate Real Estate.

“Our family has owned and operated the Dexter House apartments for 43 years. After the loss of my beloved husband Albin, I have decided, with my family’s support, to sell our apartment building at 780 North Dexter Street. Kyle Malnati of Calibrate Real Estate is a trusted friend and the Realtor handling the sale,” said Katharina Schober in a letter to her tenants.

Albin and Katharina have owned and managed a 12-unit apartment building near Rose Medical Center since 1977. They did everything together. They painted apartments between unit turns and showed apartments to prospective tenants well into their 80s. Their journey came to an end this year after Albin passed away from a three-year battle with cancer.

As Albin got older and his health became compromised, he forged a business relationship with a youthful Realtor that turned into a friendship. “He would call me almost weekly to see how I was doing and to talk about the apartment market. Albin would face management problems, as most operators do, and he would call asking for advice and resources. I was always happy to help him find the answer,” reflected Kyle Malnati. 

The final call was on a Sunday afternoon this summer. The voice on the other line was strained and deliberate. “Kyle, I’m dying,” Albin shared. The doctors had informed him that cancer had spread across his body. 

He was admitted into hospice care and was making his last round of phone calls. I asked if it would be alright for me to spend a little time with him that afternoon. I went to the house, as I had many times, sat with him, shared stories with his family, prayed for Albin, and told him I would bring him lunch in a couple of days. Albin died in his sleep the morning before our next meeting.

Two weeks after Albin’s private funeral, Katharina and her daughters signed a listing agreement with Calibrate. “The loss of my husband of 63 years and the demands of managing the Dexter House apartments is more than I can handle individually at this time. Albin’s dying wish was that I should sell the building with you, Kyle. He knew that you would protect our family,” said Katharina.

As you can see, we are blessed and grateful to do work that matters at Calibrate Real Estate. We would be honored to be a part of YOUR story some day.