Client Corner: Defining Retirement

Retirement. Everyone thinks about it during their work life. When you ask people to picture their retirement, some undoubtedly think of retiring on a beach. Some beach, somewhere. During your working years, you might not be able to picture retirement perfectly, but it is always idyllic. For Alex and Kathy Biamonte, their picture of retirement has become crystal clear.

Alex and Kathy grew up in Denver and met in high school. They fell in love, got married, had children, and worked hard. They are the epitome of the American Dream. They invested in real estate along their journey, and accumulated several rental properties. Most of their rental properties were bought to produce income during their retirement years.

Three months ago, the Biamonte family approached Calibrate Real Estate with a wonderful idea. Their plan was to trade one of their Denver buildings for a Florida rental property through a 1031 Exchange. The challenge was in the details, and we helped them execute their plan with precision.

We listed their Denver property in December, conducted 15 showings during the holidays, generated five offers (four above our List Price), and had the property under contract in the first week of January.

Next, we connected Alex and Kathy with Kelly Baldwin from Kyle’s “30 Under 30” network in Florida. They toured vacation rental properties for about 10 days in January and returned to Denver with a condo under contract.

In February, we closed the sale of their property in Southeast Denver, and just a few weeks later, they completed the 1031 Exchange by closing on the purchase of their new Florida condo.

At Calibrate Real Estate, it doesn’t matter how big or small your investment portfolio is; we care about fulfilling your life-long dreams. We believe that we play a special role in helping our clients retire. Alex and Kathy are one of many examples that make us smile as we think about the great privilege it is to help our clients reach their goals.

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