Kendra Todd: Special Edition of the Kyle Malnati Show (Real Estate Podcast – Episode 33)

Real estate celebrity, Kendra Todd, is the guest expert that was interviewed on this episode of the Kyle Malnati Show! Kendra Todd is a highly acclaimed, award-winning Realtor in Seattle, WA.

Kendra Todd is a leading national real estate expert widely known as the third season winner of NBC’s The Apprentice, and host of HGTV’s My House Is Worth What?. Like Kyle Malnati, Kendra Todd was also recognized by REALTOR Magazine as a 30 Under 30.

By 2012, The Kendra Todd Group had become the 4th highest producing group in Keller Williams Realty worldwide. We have been ranked one of the Best Real Estate Teams in America by The Wall Street Journal the last 5 years in a row – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. To date, The Kendra Todd Group has sold 1,750 homes totaling $437 Million.


Quote selected for this episode of our show:

“Here’s my advice: go for security in your personal life. Build a great family. Find a home you can cherish. Build a circle of friends you love and respect. Then start getting daring in your business life. You don’t have to become fearful and conservative as you get older. Having a solid, secure personal foundation frees you to take big risks, shoot for the moon, and go out on a limb.” ~Kendra Todd

Kendra’s gift to Kyle:
Autographing Risk and Grow Rich by Kendra Todd and Charles Andrews

The Kyle Malnati Show, Episode 33, Introduction:
Live from Seattle, WA; you are watching the Kyle Malnati Show on YouTube. We are so pleased to have real estate superstar, Kendra Todd, as our guest on this podcast. We hope that our interview topics will be helpful to you, the apartment investor, if you’re either: 1) looking to buy your first apartment building, or 2) if you want to add to your existing rental portfolio this year.

The Kyle Malnati Show, General Information:
The Kyle Malnati Show is currently broadcast monthly on YouTube. Our podcast is designed to address topics that appeal to both experienced multifamily owners and aspiring real estate investors. Each episode, Kyle offers advice that will help you maximize your rental real estate business, and he also shares his insights on how a favorite quote should relate to multifamily investors’ lives. This video show is designed to share fundamental information about apartment buildings as well as the latest trends in multifamily investments. There are several ways to watch the show. If you SUBSCRIBE on YouTube or if you FOLLOW our blog, you’ll receive an email every month with the video show post. Please share our content on Social Media through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Thanks for tuning-in, and as Kyle likes to say, “We’ll see you around the neighborhood.”

~Kyle Malnati, REALTOR
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