Today is the most important day of your life

Jared Lofton ~ Today is the most important day of your life
by Kyle Malnati (easy to read: 2.5 minutes ~ 488 words)

As a real estate agent, I am fortunate to interact with some incredible, top producing REALTORS®. This year I traveled to Houston, TX and met with Jared Lofton. Jared was recognized by REALTOR® Magazine as a “30 Under 30” in 2009, so I was eager to learn from him.

I love it when I get to interact with someone in person, because you get a much greater sense for their personality (versus a conversation on the phone). I told Jared that I believe, “it is the little decisions in life that make the biggest difference.” Jared added to my point by sharing that he is convinced that its the daily decisions that make the most impact; he said, “everything that you’re doing in life is preparing you for something greater in the future.” Lofton believes this so much that he paraphrased a passage from a John C. Maxwell book that he read in the past called: Failing Forward.

Jared explained that he has this message in his office and recites it daily.

Today is the most important day of my life. Yesterday, with all of its successes and failures is gone. The past is the past — I can not relive it. I can not go back and change the past, but I will learn from it and look to improve my today. Today, this moment, is God’s gift to me; it is all that I have. I will be the very best that I can be in it by exhibiting my gifts and talents. Then when this day is done, I will go to sleep with satisfaction, wake up tomorrow, and try to be excellent again.

Kyle (left) shaking hands with Jared Lofton (right)

Kyle (left) shaking hands with Jared Lofton (right)

Wow! Jared’s statement walloped me over the head. It was advice that he read years ago, and having heard it for the first time, it really resonated with me. Jared continued to say that he takes time to observe other successful people and tries to learn how they intentionally maximize their day. He calls this “Every Day Greatness,” basically, how can YOU choose to be great today? I found a great quote on that subject by author, Joyce Meyer:

“God has planted greatness in you. Let today be the beginning of a great adventure as you step into the gifts He’s given you.” ~Joyce Meyer

Think back on a mistake that keeps bothering you, and remember that rooted within every failure is a lesson to be learned. There is a reason that you didn’t accomplish your goal the first time. What happened and how can you make adjustments to get a better result next time? The most important part of the process, as both Jared Lofton and Joyce Meyer describe, is the choice you make to start stepping into greatness today (not lamenting the failures of the past).


Kyle Malnati is a commercial REALTOR® specializing in multifamily and investment sales. In addition to his sales career, Kyle is also blogger, speaker, and aspiring author on the topic of real estate success. He is an award winning real estate agent, which includes numerous local accolades, and was nationally recognized by REALTOR® magazine in 2012 as “30 Under 30.”

Kyle and his wife, Courtney, reside in Centennial, Colorado. They have three children: Charlotte, Amelia, and Henry.

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