EntreLeadership Summit (Dallas, TX)

The last week has been a whirlwind for me… I’m on a business trip, in Dallas, that I never expected to take as I write this blog post. It all started with a call that I received less than THREE days ago, on Thursday afternoon.

I just sat down for a meeting with an acquaintance named Matt. We go to the same church and our pastor said that we should meet to talk about business. We’ve talked on the phone, but had never actually met before since we attend church at different service times.

I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before Matt did, and I picked a table on the patio. Just as Matt arrived at the table, I got a phone call from my business coach, Chris Oakley, in Nashville; “should I pick up the call,” I thought?

I chose to pick up the call even though Matt was already sitting at the table. The call went something like this:

Chris: “Hey, Kyle!”

Kyle: “What’s happening, Oakley?!”

Chris: “I know you’ve shared that one of your BIG goals this year is to write your own book.”

Kyle: “Yeah, that’s true.” Now I was a little anxious at what he might say next.

EL Summit: Kyle Malnati and Chris Oakley

EL Summit: Kyle Malnati and Chris Oakley

Chris: “Well… our team is going to be in Dallas this week, because we’re hosting our EntreLeadership Summit.” (a blockbuster business conference with nationally acclaimed speakers, such as, Seth Godin, Jim Collins, Patrick LencioniDave Ramsey, AND past US President, George W. Bush)

Kyle: “Ok…” My feelings went from anxious to a little confused. I knew about the event AND I knew that I had already decided not to go.

Chris: “Its a little spur the moment, but we would like to invite you to come as our guest. We have an assignment for you, if you can make it here.”

Kyle: “Wait, isn’t the event in a week or so?” You see, I was in Nashville just six months prior for a similar event called: EntreLeadership Masters Series. That event was a week long training. I wasn’t sure if I could justify leaving my family and the office twice for business conferences in such a short period of time.

Chris: “Actually… its 2 1/2 days from now. This Sunday.”

Kyle: “I can’t wait to hear what this is about. What’s the assignment?”

Chris: “I know you’ve been blogging and working on creating content for your book. One of our team-members at Ramsey Solutions is working on a project. She wants to have members from our EL All-Access coaching program, like you, write a journal while you’re here.”

Kyle: “That sounds like an amazing opportunity, but I have to check with my wife and my office to see if I can leave that quickly.”

Chris: “Call me back tonight. Our team needs to know before Friday morning so we can make arrangements if you are able to swing the trip.”

The rest is history. I talked it over with my wife, Courtney. She was thrilled to hear about the opportunity. She knows how much I have learned and grown from the teaching of Dave Ramsey’s organization over the past 4 years. My brother-in-law was visiting our house, and Courtney said to him… “Brandon, this is the equivalent of Kyle getting a direct invitation to DisneyLand by Mickey Mouse.”

The next day at work, I asked my brokerage partner, Greg Johnson. Greg said, “this is too good to pass up. You’ve got to go, Kyle!”

EntreLeadership All-Access is a coaching program that was born out to the topics of Dave Ramsey’s best-selling book with the same name. The EL All-Access is devoted to teaching you how you can build a successful business, how to attract team of talented “thoroughbred race horses,” and how to create a work culture that wins! One of my favorite benefits of the EntreLeadership All-Access is the regular coaching calls with John Felkins and Chris Oakley. Chris has challenged me (in a very good way) during several of our coaching calls to commit deeper to my goals. I agreed to his last challenge (come to Dallas and get a kick-start on writing your book). Here’s what the end of the story looked like:

Dave Ramsey said, “hard work OPENS locked doors.” Proof of that is on the elevator doors as I headed up to my hotel room to unload my luggage this afternoon.

I’ve only been at the event for about two hours. You could think of my experience so far as the “Opening Ceremony” for the Olympics. The event is just getting started and there is a high sense of excitement because everyone knows its going to be BIG! ~Kyle Malnati


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Madison Commercial at EntreLeadership 1-Day

Madison Commercial at EntreLeadership 1-Day