“Notes from the Margin” – EntreLeadership Summit D1

You’ve probably been to a business conference before (most of us have), and you know that you typically get a course book for the event. If you’re anything like me, you might write some “notes in the margin.”

This week, I’m at EntreLeadership Summit which is a blockbuster business conference with nationally acclaimed speakers, such as, Seth Godin, Jim Collins, Patrick LencioniDave Ramsey, AND past US President, George W. Bush)

Today is Day-1 of a three day conference. Ramsey Solutions is hosting the event, and one of the team-members at Ramsey Solutions is working on a project with me this week. I’ve been given the responsibility of journaling my experience from the eyes and ears of “the crowd.” She wants to have me, along with other members from the EntreLeadership All-Access coaching program, write a journal while I’m in Dallas.

For this morning’s blog post, I thought you might enjoy some of my “Notes From The Margin” from the first lesson of the day.

– Leaders are: “courageous DESPITE their fears”

– The Entrepreneur is “polished” by the leader while the Leader is inspired by the Entrepreneur

– Don’t label your team “managers”… call them “Leaders” or “Directors”

– When you realize that you are an Entrepreneur, you  are stretched to the point where you will NEVER return to the same shape again

– Passion means that YOU care deeply about the outcome

– There is a richness of your soul when, as a leader, you look to your left and look to your right and see unbelievable world-class individuals that deeply care about the outcome marching with YOU

– Your college degree is WORTHLESS! (except to the extend that you APPLY what you learned in the marketplace)

– Your “raise” will become “effective”… when YOU are

EntreLeadership All-Access is a coaching program that was born out to the topics of Dave Ramsey’s best-selling book with the same name. EL All-Access is devoted to teaching you how you can build a successful business, how to attract team of talented “thoroughbred race horses,” and how to create a work culture that wins! ~Kyle Malnati


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Madison Commercial at EntreLeadership 1-Day

Madison Commercial at EntreLeadership 1-Day (Fall 2015)