Dave Thyfault: “30 years of mistakes; before 15 years of success” – Episode 28 of the Kyle Malnati Show (Real Estate Podcast)


David A. Thyfault was interviewed on our 28th episode of the Kyle Malnati Show! Dave is a past client of Kyle’s, and Dave has played just about EVERY role in real estate:
Career Realtor (sold 600+ homes)
Investor/Operator (owns 270+ rental units)
Author (3 books completed and currently writing a 4th)

Bottom line, Dave Thyfault has OVER three decades of experience in the real estate industry.

Dave believes that the real estate business is fairly simple… but not particularly easy. Dave does an excellent job of making the real estate business understandable so that anybody who employs his lessons will enjoy success. In addition to being experienced and smart, there’s one more reason to watch this podcast… Dave is likable! He relates so well to his audiences that people often call him “Uncle Dave.” He shares true stories and real estate jokes throughout our conversation.

Uncle Dave’s advice for prioritizing renovations:
#1. Start by addressing all SAFETY ISSUES first
#2. Next beautify your CURB APPEAL
#3. Then improve the COMMON AREAS
#4. Finally remodel the VACANT APARTMENTS

KMS 28 Dave IMG_3450

Quotes from the show:
– “Remember ‘that guy’ that gave up? Neither does anybody else!” ~Unknown 
– “None so deaf as those that WILL NOT hear. None so blind as those that WILL NOT see” ~Matthew Henry, Clergyman (1662-1714) 

Kyle’s gift to Dave:
– The book “REALTOR For Life” by Duane Duggan

The Kyle Malnati Show, Episode 28, Introduction:
“Live from Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood; you are watching the Kyle Malnati Show. We are broadcasting from Stewart Title, and today’s guest is David A. Thyfault. We are thankful to Stewart Title for providing us with the space to record our show today. We hope that our interview topics will be helpful to you, the apartment investor, if you’re either: 1) looking to buy your first apartment building, or 2) if you want to add to your existing rental portfolio in 2016.”

The Kyle Malnati Show, General Information:
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~Kyle Malnati, Partner/Shareholder
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