Bo Menkiti: Living a Legacy of Adventure and Passion – Episode 23 of Kyle Malnati Show (Real Estate Podcast)

Bo Menkiti was the guest expert that was interviewed on a special edition of the Kyle Malnati Show! Bo Menkiti is the Founder and CEO of The Menkiti Group, a real estate company in Washington, DC that is dedicated to transforming lives and communities through real estate services.

The Menkiti Group is focused on strengthening neighborhoods through the strategic development, management, and disposition of real estate in urban markets. As an real estate developer, Bo Menkiti has invested over $160,000,000 in improving Washington, DC neighborhoods and developed 600,000 SF of commercial space. Mr. Menkiti also serves as CEO and is the Founding Partner of Keller Williams Capital Properties, a residential real estate brokerage managed by the Menkiti Group.

There were several highlights from this YouTube podcast with Bo Menkiti:
 You can create a positive impact in your neighborhood through real estate
– Surround yourself with a team of people much smarter than YOU
– Bo’s “Simple Plan” for real estate success: live on less than you make
– Real estate is one of the largest drivers of wealth for families in America
– Real estate developers are obligated to consider their social responsibility
– Its important to look at real estate investing with a long-term point of view

Bo Menkiti is a graduate of Harvard University. He has been recognized nationally by Ebony and Inc. Magazine as one of the coolest young entrepreneurs in America, and was awarded The National Association of Realtors prestigious “30 under 30” award in 2006. Mr. Menkiti was also honored by the Washington Business Journal to the paper’s 2014 Power 100, a list of the most influential business leaders in the Washington metropolitan area.

Kyle’s gift to Bo:
– The book “Smart Money, Smart Kids” by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruse (

The Kyle Malnati Show, Episode 23, Introduction:
“Live from the District of Columbia, you are watching the Kyle Malnati Show. We are broadcasting from a “30 Under 30” Event in Washington, DC, and I’m happy to have real estate developer, Bo Menkiti, on our show. We hope that our interview topics will be helpful to you, the apartment investor, if you’re either: 1) looking to buy your first apartment building, or 2) if you want to add to your existing rental portfolio in 2016.”

The Kyle Malnati Show, General Information:
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