Calibrate Corner: Johnson Piretti Team

Calibrate Corner: Johnson Piretti Team
Central Denver Apartment Market Report: Page 4 of our 2018 Q3 newsletter

Collaboration leads to exponential success in any business. Helen Keller famously said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” It is with great pride and excitement that we officially announce the formation of the Johnson Piretti Team at Calibrate Real Estate.

Greg Johnson and Conner Piretti first worked together in 2007 at Cornerstone Apartment Services, a Denver multifamily management company. As Vice President at Cornerstone, Greg was instrumental in the growth of their management portfolio as he brokered the purchase of buildings for Cornerstone clients. Conner joined Cornerstone as a Portfolio Manager with the daunting, daily responsibility of operating 21 apartment buildings totaling over 350 units in Central Denver.

Conner left apartment management to pursue a career in real estate sales in 2013, the year after Greg had left Cornerstone to join forces with Kyle Malnati. Together Greg and Kyle brokered $225,000,000 in Colorado real estate. Conner was working at a residential powerhouse, Kentwood, when Kyle and Greg recruited Conner to join Calibrate Real Estate in December 2016.

“Greg and I have intentionally sought out individuals that take initiative and create opportunities,” said Calibrate CEO, Kyle Malnati. “We need teammates that demonstrate a passion for the real estate industry and display leadership skills while positively impacting the lives of our clients.”

“I couldn’t be more excited about the momentum of the Johnson Piretti Team at Calibrate and our ability to serve our clients’ commercial real estate and investment needs,” stated Greg Johnson.

Malnati continued, “The purpose of Calibrate is to fill the brokerage gap between what residential firms can’t do, and what other commercial firms won’t do. Calibrate serves private investors and niche investment firms with a high level of personal service, thoughtful analysis, and local market expertise. Whether the client is local or from out of state, Calibrate clients need a broker dedicated to guiding them through Denver’s dynamic apartment market.”

Written by Kyle Malnati 

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