Client Corner: It’s all about timing!

Client Corner: It’s all about timing!
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Almost every real estate listing can be distilled to three primary concerns for the Seller: price, time, and stress. The Seller of an apartment building at 9th Avenue and Washington Street presented Calibrate Real Estate with a challenge… “please find a no-drama, all-cash buyer and get this property sold in less than one month’s time!” 

We achieved their objective by closing in just ten business days!

How did we do this? Knowing that it would take about a week to do showings, we created a marketing strategy that would attract the largest group of investors in the shortest amount of time. We presented several offers to the Seller, but one stood out the most.

The eventual Buyer was able to submit an “AS-IS,” all-cash offer using funds from a 1031 Exchange. It definitely helped the Seller’s decision making process when they found out that the Buyer was a well-established, local real estate family that already owned several vintage buildings in Central Denver.

A special component of this story was shared at the closing table where the Seller informed us that they had owned this rental property for 44 years!

We are honored and humbled to play a special role in a real estate investor’s journey as their success is realized at the finish line. We firmly believe that we don’t just broker real estate… we are in the business of brokering legacy for our clients.

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by Kyle Malnati

Calibrate Real Estate
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