Worldwide Connection (EL Summit Spotlight)

How far are you willing to go?

Its amazing how common interests unite the human race. Two individuals that live thousands of miles apart have an immediate common ground.

I networked with several business owners while I was on-assignment in Dallas this week at Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Summit for small business owners.

However, my connection with Brad Harden definitely stood out. We met on the elevator during one of the breaks between presentations. I really enjoy connecting with other business owners, so naturally, I asked Brad where he lives and what type of business he operates. As soon as he spoke, his accent was a big giveaway that he wasn’t originally from the United States. However, I thought for a moment that he might have been born overseas and immigrated to the US.

I found out that Brad traveled all the way from New Zealand to attend this conference!


My big takeaway from meeting Brad Harden was that there was a moment that I doubted (not regretted) whether I should take the trip from Denver to Dallas this week. Then it dawned on me that the length of MY travel was insignificant compared to HIS.

I think that this happens often in our businesses. How many times do we decide not to do something, because we might have to sacrifice time and energy to make it happen? While at the same time, someone else is putting it all on the line. 

What are we MISSING out on… to remain comfortable?

The timing of these opportunities, often times, never seems ideal.

Of course, we can’t blindly accept every offer that we receive; that’s certainly not logical.

However, we can choose to be open-minded to the possibility that special opportunities will create once in a lifetime connections. 

~Kyle Malnati