Kyle Malnati – Path to Success in Denver’s Commercial Real Estate Market

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People who are really successful treat commercial real estate not as a job, but as a career.  It’s a lifestyle. You have to completely embrace the fact that you are in real estate 24/7. For two and a half years, I worked as a transaction manager for a commercial brokerage team.  We did 70 deals accounting for about $70 million dollars worth of commercial real estate.  I think that is very different from a lot my colleauges, because most real estate brokers enter the business from the aspect that they want to immediately start in brokerage as opposed to being more on the more administrative side in a transaction management role.  That transaction management foundation was critical to my success. I started in Brokerage after being a transaction manager for several years.  I was Rookie of the Year at a company which was a huge honor for me at a young age.  I had a solid recipe for success; I just had to learn how to perfect that success in brokerage.  I approached my real estate brokerage business as every deal I was doing was building on top of that success.  As I mentioned, I made Rookie of the Year the first year of my career and just two years later I was the Top Producer at the same commercial real estate firm.  In real estate our clients are the most important part of every transaction.  Obviously, brokers sell tangible assets (we sell real estate), but managing and maintaining those client relationships… I knew that was the most important thing for me to continue building on my success.  One client relationship that I maintained and developed over the years was a particularly was a big deal for me, because he was a Realtor.  This client understood what it took to be successful in both real estate investing and real estate brokerage from his personal experiences.  In 2011, my client approached me about joining his real estate brokerage, Madison & Co. Properties.  He asked me to become an equity partner and wanted me to be the head of the company’s commercial division (Madison Commercial Properties), because he believed in my business model so much and knew we could be very successful together. Real estate is a constantly changing industry; it’s a constantly changing job and lifestyle which is why I love it.

~ by Kyle Malnati (Madison Commercial Properties – Madison & Co. Properties)