#4: Brad Allen & Eric Rollo – Hiring with a Purpose

Hiring can be a daunting task for any Leader, Brad Allen and Eric Rollo discuss with Kyle the challenges and successes that are inevitable when growing a business, and more importantly, a team.


Eric Rollo is a luxury real estate specialist out of Boston, honored as one of Realtor Magazine’s “30 Under 30” nationwide in 2015. Eric has been a licensed real estate professional for over ten years and a Realtor for the majority of that time. Eric’s first experience was with a suburban company specializing in investment properties, where he mainly worked with investment clients, rental clients and condominium owners. Seeing an opportunity to branch out his business, Eric obtained his brokers license and opened his own firm after graduating with his B.S. in Marketing & Communications, with minors in Psychology and Finance from Roger Williams University.


After Brad Allen became a Realtor®, he quickly teamed up with his now partner, Mary Lane Sloan, to form The ART of Real Estate with the idea that one agent cannot be productive in real estate and give the level of service that the client deserves. Out of the formation of this idea, paired with hard work and ingenuity, they began to expand their team, keeping in mind that quality must equal quantity. Through the development of this team, Brad became the Broker-in-Charge when Mary Lane and Brad decided to take their team’s systems, values, beliefs and brand to create The ART of Real Estate brokerage. By building on their core values of being a client-centered team, they have an extensive core staff, that includes a Listing Coordinator, Closing Coordinator, Client Care Coordinator, Videographer, Photographer and a Lead Coordinator, that helps their agents maintain the customer service their clients deserve while selling a high volume of homes.





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“It’s your company, either you’re going to succeed because of you or fail because of you. Surround yourself with people who accentuate your  positives and hide your negatives, you are going to be a lot better off. But you cant do that if you don’t know yourself and what you need”. – Brad Allen

The Calibrate Real Estate Podcast, Episode 4, Introduction:
LIVE from Colombia, South Carolina; you are watching the Kyle Malnati show which is now becoming the Calibrate Real Estate Podcast. For all of you who have watched for years as we have interview Real Estate Investors, we are making some big changes. Excited to announce you to our two special guests, Brad Allen of the Art of Real Estate, and Eric Rollo, of the Eric Rollo Real Estate team out of Boston.

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