#2: Lucy Feicht – Branding for Success

When Lucy Feicht, 26, started her own brokerage in 2014, she took out a mortgage on a building for her business, Lou Realty Group. Today, she owns the building free and clear and has purchased more than 25 properties.

Lucy has been a fearless builder of her brand, amassing more than 2,000 social media followers in four months. It’s hard not to know who she is if you live in south St. Louis: She makes regular appearances to talk real estate on her local NBC station, and her image is featured on highway billboards, not to mention every pizza box at a local pizza parlor.

Lucy’s commitment to customer service was evident in her decision to once use part of her commission to buy stainless-steel appliances for first-time buyer clients to circumvent a sticky situation—the sellers had skipped out with the stove and microwave they’d agreed to leave behind.

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“Always striving to meet a goal is as important as setting them, and WHEN you do hit that goal, you’re taking the time to celebrate that success”. – Lucy Feicht

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