2017 Central Denver Apartment Market Report by Greg Johnson

At Calibrate Real Estate, we are often asked about the direction of the Denver apartment market and how current events will affect multifamily owners. Therefore, we feel that its our duty to inform our clients about apartment statistics which includes: sales data, vacancy rates, interest rates, and return metrics.

Denver real estate expert, Greg Johnson, presented his 2017 Central Denver Apartment Market Report to a group of over 70 multifamily real estate owners in Denver. The YouTube video that you are about to watch was recorded at an exclusive event hosted by Calibrate brokers, Greg Johnson and Kyle Malnati.

“Our focus is to serve private investors and niche investment firms with a high level of personal service, professional analysis and local market expertise. Denver is receiving unprecedented national interest, and that is creating new opportunities for investors at every level.” ~Greg Johnson, broker, Calibrate Real Estate.

Our hope is that you can navigate the content of this YouTube video by using the following Table of Contents below:
– 00:01 – Introduction by Greg Johnson
– 00:35 – Thank you and acknowledgements
– 02:14 – Direction of the Denver multifamily market
– 02:50 – Past 3 years, Denver has added 30,000 new apartment units
– 03:00 – Next 3 years, Cary Bruteig forecasts 30,000 more apartment units
– 03:05 – 22,000 apartment units are currently under construction in 2017
– 03:20 – Nothing impacts values faster than interest rate changes
– 04:00 – Central Denver apartment transactions (2006-2016)
– 04:20 – Apartment values have appreciated dramatically since 2011
– 04:45 – Low interest rates, low vacancy, and rents have doubled
– 05:00 – Central Denver apartment sales averaged $164,498/unit in 2016
– 05:42 – Central Denver apartments appreciated 23% (7/2014-6/2016)
– 06:36 – Central Denver apartments appreciated 74% (7/2012-6/2014)

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