How do busy, working parents plan their day?

Have you ever thought: “how am I going to make it through THIS day?!” Your phone won’t stop ringing. Your office needs THIS from you, and a client needs THAT from you. All while you’re trying to race out the door to get your children to school.

Life with three children is hectic!

The other day I was blessed to spend some time with an intelligent, go-getter. Amanda DiVito Parle is a successful REALTOR, and she wants to make sure that she also leads a successful life at home with her husband and their three little children.

I interviewed Amanda for a book that I’m writing called, Calibrate. The book is all about how successful businesspeople make adjustments to lead a more fulfilled life.

Amanda DiVito Parle was recognized by REALTOR Magazine in 2008 in the magazine’s prestigious “30 Under 30” issue. Amanda started her real estate career in Arvada, CO during her early twenties when she joined her father, Joe DiVito, at Re/Max.

Amanda DiVito Parle

Courtesy REALTOR Magazine

During my interview with Amanda, our conversation developed into a discussion about how successful people learn to overcome failure. Amanda reminded me that failure is often a result of improper planning. Her advice hit me as I started to remember so many days where I was frazzled as it seemed that I couldn’t keep up with all of life’s demands.

“I have to get all three kids out the door in the morning. If I have all 11 bags lined up at the back door the night before, getting out the door is EASY.”

Amanda’s advice reminded me of a few nuggets of wisdom I’ve heard over the years:

1. A salesperson from a completely a different industry offered that he was working on his preparation as he went on outbound appointments. He was going to work hard to be 5-10 minutes early for all of his sales appointments. While he was waiting for his prospective client to arrive, he was very intentional about thoughtfully rehearsing his meeting. His preparation gave him confidence as he approached his client.

2. The 5 “P’s” — Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! This is an old adage, but its so true! Preparation is really the key to maximum performance. Great athletes practice, world famous actors rehearse, and Nobel prize winning scientists experiment to achieve their desired results.


This blog post is an excerpt from Kyle Malnati’s upcoming business book: Calibrate. You can learn more about Kyle’s journey as an author by clicking here.

Kyle Malnati is an award winning REALTOR from Colorado. Kyle and his wife, Courtney, are the proud parents of three elementary school aged children (Charlotte, 7, and 5-year old twins, Amelia and Henry). Kyle and Courtney love life in Colorado and both graduated from metro-area high schools before attending the University of Wyoming. When Kyle’s not at work, he loves spending time with his family and being active in various sports. Kyle and Courtney are active in their church and involved in several local charities.