Our Current Listings and 2016 Sales (2016 Q2 Report)

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Our Current Listings:
2810 Hazel St. – $950,000 ($237,500/unit)
1444 Lafayette St. – Under Contract
1328 Corona St. – Under Contract

2016 Sales:
560-570 Garfield St. Sold: $1,400,000 ($280,000/unit)
1658 Lafayette St. Sold: $1,850,000 ($308,333/unit)
901 Jasmine St. Sold: $1,430,000 ($89,375/unit)
41 S. Lincoln St. Sold: $2,500,000 ($147,059/unit)

2412 S. York St. Sold: $1,775,000 ($161,364/unit)
1195 Birch St. Sold: $1,145,000 ($190,833/unit)
1021 Ogden St. Sold: $525,000 ($87,500/unit)
1435 Franklin St. Sold: $1,735,000 ($144,583/unit)

964-978 Garfield St. Sold: $1,300,000 ($216,667/unit)
709. E. 11th Ave. Sold: $440,000 ($220,000/unit)
4160 W. 74th Ave. Sold: $800,000 ($100,000/unit)
555 Jurassic Ct. Sold: $1,175,000



Madison & Company Properties
1221 S. Clarkson St. #410, Denver, CO 80210

2 responses to “Our Current Listings and 2016 Sales (2016 Q2 Report)

  1. Referred to you by a close friend who has bought some of your buildings, but can find only one property for sale on your site.
    ‘Properties for sale’ only shows old listings, already sold.

    • Hi Donna – Thanks for reaching out to me on our blog! I would really enjoy connecting with you live, so please call (or text) me at 303-358-4250. The Denver multifamily market is hot so listings are sparse. When a listing does become available, it tends to go under contract quickly. Let’s discuss a strategy of finding properties that fit your purchasing criteria before a property hits the open market. ~Kyle Malnati

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