10 Attributes of a Great Leader: Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey ~ 10 Attributes of a Great Business Leader
by Kyle Malnati

I think its safe to say that ALL of us have met a BAD leader before… so we already know what DOESN’T make a great leader. What, then, makes a truly great leader?


I have had the great fortune of meeting my hero, Dave Ramsey, multiple times within the past 12 months. I actually got to have dinner with Dave and his wife this past November at the EntreLeadership Master Series. Dave has become my hero, because the wisdom in his best-selling books: Total Money Makeover, EntreLeadership, Smart Money – Smart Kids, and The Legacy Journey have made me a better person.

Last month, Dave’s EntreLeadership team hosted its largest event ever—the EntreLeadership Summit. For four days, more than 1,500 small business owners and leaders gathered at the Omni Dallas Hotel to learn from some of the top leadership and business experts in the country. Their team invited me to the event to be their special correspondent and asked me to journal my experiences for you!


As a commercial Realtor that works with successful investors, my clients have shown me how to WIN in business. As I reflect on every meeting, phone discussion, or interview, I realize that Dave Ramsey shares all of traits that my most successful real estate clients also possess. I’m excited to share these attributes with YOU.

1. Dave Ramsey is BOLD.
He is courageous. Everyone has fears, even Dave would admit that he has some. What separates great leaders, from everyone else, is that they are NOT AFRAID to start. I have noticed that Dave is eager to get his hands dirty and make things happen.

2. Dave Ramsey is OPTIMISTIC.
Great leaders have great inner confidence in themselves that, in the end, THEY will win. In fact, they routinely EXPECT the most favorable outcome will occur for them. This doesn’t mean that “optimists” are the only successful leaders… actually, being a “realist” can be just as helpful when needing to consider the downsides of an endeavor. I have noticed that Dave Ramsey is simply optimistic that HIS TEAM CAN FIND A WAY to overcome.

3. Dave Ramsey is AUTHENTIC.
In a world dominated by social media, people are seeking authentic individuals more than ever. The best leaders are genuine. I have noticed that Dave Ramsey is the real deal. In many occasions, Dave displays honesty (whether his opinion is popular OR unpopular). Great leaders are reliable and trustworthy.

Great leaders realize that THEIR success is LIMITED to the help that they receive from others. Dave Ramsey is a Christian that lives by the Golden Rule (in his personal and professional life). As I mentioned previously, Dave is authentic so he has learned to surround himself with reliable and trustworthy teammates.

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5. Dave Ramsey knows his STRENGTHS.
This means that Dave Ramsey also knows his weaknesses. Dave actually teaches an entire one-hour lesson on the DiSC Personality Profile for Leaders. The best leaders make it very clear what they are good at and what they are not. Dave, like all great leaders, has learned to hire the best people to back-fill his own weaknesses.

6. Dave Ramsey is INTENTIONAL.
Spend any time around Dave and you will notice that there are NO wasted steps or wasted movement. Great leaders WALK WITH A PURPOSE. They set goals, follow a plan, and hit their goals. Successful leaders live a purpose driven lifestyle that starts with the question, “WHY.”

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7. Dave Ramsey follows a SIMPLE PLAN.
By watching Dave, he has reminded me that so much of success is getting up every day and going to WORK! Great leaders don’t overly complicate their lives; they stick to the fundamentals. Success is any area of life is a product of intentional reaping and sowing. You must plow the field, plant the seeds (sowing), and then you get to reap the rewards of the harvest. After you’ve enjoyed the fruits of your labor, wake up tomorrow and repeat.

8. Dave Ramsey has created MULTIPLE income streams.
During a live event, I heard Dave say that he NEVER goes “all in.” Dave reminded us that business should never look like dramatic scene at a Vegas casino. Great business leaders diversify. Every business experiences some ups and downs. Dave Ramsey has created multiple streams of income (real estate, books, coaching programs, live events, referral networks, etc.) so that his team can “weather the storm” with lots of options when one particular industry isn’t performing well.

9. Dave Ramsey is DRIVEN.
Spend a minute around Dave and you know that he isn’t timid. To use a basketball analogy, great leaders drive the lane and score. Its obvious when talking to Dave Ramsey that he has a tremendous work ethic. At that dinner I mentioned, Dave told me that he wrote his 1st book, Financial Peace, after his family went to bed (from 10PM-2AM every night) for about 3 months until it was finished. This drive causes leaders to strive vigorously toward their goals.

10. Dave Ramsey learned to DECIMATE DEBT.
This might be Dave Ramsey’s secret weapon. Debt hampers your life. Dave shares personally and intimately about his quick fortune, his miserable crash to bankruptcy due to real estate debt, and his slow-and-steady return. Dave shares the lessons that he learned the hard way… his “7 Baby Steps.” Ramsey helps everyone not only understand what to do, but why it is so important to take control of your money—and your life. Dave teaches US hope. Dave says that, “you CAN take control of your money, get out of debt, and live like no one else!”

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