What does success look like? Ralph Larson.

How do you know that someone is successful? Do you know because of the car they drive? Can you tell that they are successful by the suit that they wear to work? Is success evidenced by the watch that they wear?

These questions were answered with an exclamation point this week when I paid a visit to the “office” of Ralph Larson.


What does success really look like? In our line of work (real estate), success often looks like a hard hat and a pickup truck with a dent on the side. Success usually walks around wearing a pair of paint splattered jeans… the type of jeans that “earned” holes in them over the years (not just because jeans with holes are cool). Success often has dirt under their finger nails. Success is hard work.

Come to think of it, success looks a lot like my client and friend, Ralph Larson. Earlier this week, I visited Ralph at his “office” while he was working at one of his apartment buildings. Ralph’s “office” is wherever the WORK needs to be completed. He had sweat on his brow, dirt and grime on his forearms, and a cut on his forehead. Ralph was a one-man construction crew as he was renovating an apartment for a future tenant. Success isn’t afraid of grinding away at a project.

What contributes to your success? Success isn’t dependent on your education. Success isn’t dependent on the family that raised you. The great misconception about business and life is that some people just get lucky… they were born into the right family… they won the lottery… they time the market perfectly… they fall into success. Sustainable success isn’t that at all.

Success is a daily commitment; its a direct result of your consistent effort and the enthusiasm that you bring to your work every day.

Ralph is a self-made man, he is the millionaire next door, and he is everyday people. Ralph worked hard each day and got a little bit better every day. He started his real estate business small and learned along the way. Ralph is a normal guy… just like you.

Ralph Larson on Kyle Malnati Show

Ralph Larson on Kyle Malnati Show

You don’t have to be young for this to resonate. This message will benefit anyone that is working hard toward a better future.

After reading this, please ask yourself these two questions:
1. Are you bringing your best self to work every day?
Are you willing to do the WORK that it takes to succeed?


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