Are You Prepared if You Get Blindsided?

Have you ever been in a car accident? Auto accidents are a traumatic event. Accidents are life altering… even the most minor fender benders create a slew of issues and follow up afterwards. Major accidents, obviously, can change the course of someone’s life forever.

I’ve been involved in a couple of accidents in my life, and I was involved in a fairly dramatic collision this morning. My three children and I were waiting in the left turn lane when another vehicle apparently ran a red light and T-boned a car traveling through the intersection. This collision sent the other car careening into our vehicle head-on. I had the unfortunate honor of having a front row seat and watched the entire accident as I was stopped waiting in the turn lane. 

It all happened so fast, but I distinctly remember feeling the shear terror as I saw the vehicles collide and head in my direction. I felt absolutely helpless… like a sitting duck as trouble was headed towards my family.

My airbags in our Acura MDX deployed and the distinct smell of gunpowder billowed inside. If you have ever had your airbags deploy, you will never forget this smell. Fortunately, our vehicle was stopped when we collided and my seatbelt was securely fastened. 

For a split second, I thought this was going to be bad news for us. By God’s grace, we walked away from the accident with no apparent injuries. The car that got T-boned was in bad shape as it had major damage on the passenger side from the initial impact and some more damage on the driver’s side after his car ran into ours. The First Responders had to use the Jaws-of-Life to cut open the driver’s side door, but miraculously, the driver walked out of his car onto the stretcher.

Once I realized that our children were okay and it seemed like none of us had major issues… I started to think about how thankful I was that we had prepared. I thank God that we all had our seat belts fastened. We are obsessive about buckling up. Even though I never actually think we’ll get in an accident, its never worth the risk. 

I was also thankful that our SUV was so safe. The Acura MDX had a full 5-star rating in four out of five total safety rating categories the year ours was made. Courtney bought her Acura years ago; long before we even had children. We are so fortunate to live in an age where car manufacturers have made amazing safety advancements. Decades ago, that accident could have been much worst.

Right after the accident, we all said a prayer as a family. Ironically, we were driving home from church and our pastor’s message was all about trusting God. A major takeaway from today’s sermon is that we can always trust God and trust His timing in our lives. We can have confidence that God is in control. I immediately called Courtney to tell her what happened and that we were all okay.

After the major shock subsided, my mind started to shift to other responsibilities after an accident. My auto insurance was dutifully paid. I had my insurance card located exactly where I needed it. My driver’s license and registration were both current and were located in close proximity.

Our little kids were definitely frightened from the impact, but thankfully we are alive to tell this story.

Today’s events have me reflecting about so many other circumstances in life and business. Are we adequetly prepared for life’s catastrophes?

Today’s accident reminds me that you can’t prevent life from colliding into you. However, you can still be prepared for mayhem.

What steps do you need to take to ensure that your life and your business is protected if you’re blindsided?

After you prepare, the rest is up to God and thank goodness we’re still alive and well.

~Kyle Malnati