Is Your Business Fragmented or Illuminated?

As a business owner, do you live with the perspective that the market is a pie and everyone has to fight for THEIR slice?

Stock image. ~Courtesy of pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Stock image. ~Courtesy of pixabay (Free for commercial use)

At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard someone say, “I’m just fighting for my piece of the pie.” The words are so interrelated that ‘pie’ is actually found in the word piece. Many business owners actually look at their MARKET SHARE using a pie chart as shown above.

The “pie” analogy a common outlook for many business owners which leads to secrecy and a cutthroat spirit of scarcity. Its a perspective that I don’t agree with, and I have noticed that it doesn’t work in our today’s business culture.

Lou Malnati's Pizza

Lou Malnati’s Pizza

Here’s an analogy that I like much better. Your business, and your life, is similar to a candle. Your light… can light the candles of others. Its a beautiful description.

I read about this concept last summer when I read a wonderful book called Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. (I suggest that you read it!) In this book, Rabbi Lapin points out that, “money (business) is spiritual, not physical.” He continues “…making money is like lighting a candle from other candles that are already lit around us… We do not take away from anyone else.” He further describes that “…you do not get friends as a result of getting money; you get money as a result of having friends.” Finally, Rabbi Lapin points out that “…we serve, wealth returns as an exchange, we are rewarded with prosperity for serving others.”


Have you ever seen a candle lighting ceremony? I’ve been fortunate to see a couple of candle lighting ceremonies in my life, and they are POWERFUL. My two experiences have been during Christmas service at church (like the one pictured above) and during a vigil after a tragedy. Both candle lighting ceremonies start the same way… its dark and one person strikes a match. That single match lights a candle, and then the person with the lit candle turns to their neighbor and lights their candle. Soon enough, all of the candles in the room are lit and the room is illuminated with a powerful (and spiritual glow). My favorite part of a candle lighting ceremony is the illumination on the faces of each person.

As a business owner, I would like to encourage you to be a light in the business world. Help others around you. Another way at looking at Rabbi Lapin’s message is: “The best way to MAKE a friend is to BE a friend.”

~Kyle Malnati