Trait #4: Best Real Estate Investors have GREAT RELATIONSHIPS

Attributes Every Great Real Estate Investor Possesses
by Kyle Malnati

What makes a real estate investor successful?

What are the traits of successful real estate investors?

The truly successful investors have shown me how to WIN in business (which is the main reason I created our real estate podcast). It is fascinating to sit down for an interview and tap into the mindset of successful entrepreneurs in real estate.

Brandon Green, a fellow “30 Under 30” honoree, approached me a couple of months ago with an idea. He has watched me interview real estate investors on the Kyle Malnati Show, and he asked me to summarize what I’ve learned from the very BEST real estate investors. Brandon was planning an event called an Early Spring Real Estate Mastermind in Washington, DC, and he thought that would be a great topic to include in his event. In March, I delivered on Brandon’s request to present the “10 Attributes of GREAT Real Estate Investors” to a successful group of real estate professionals in Washington, DC.

I’ve learned that there are some universal traits that all successful real estate investors possess as I reflect on every meeting, phone discussion, or interview I’ve had over my career. I’m excited to share the fourth attribute with YOU.

Trait#4: Best real estate investors have GREAT RELATIONSHIPS
Great real estate investors realize that THEIR success is LIMITED to the help that they receive from others. Great investors most often live by the Golden Rule (in their personal and professional lives). As I mentioned previously, they are authentic so they learn to surround themselves with reliable and trustworthy teammates.

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