Cory Phillips: Work Smarter – Episode 24 of Kyle Malnati Show (Real Estate Podcast)

“If I hire you, you will never go do it on your own.” That was NOT the response Cory Phillips had hoped to hear after asking for a job interview to work at his favorite client’s company. Cory was working at a local bank and admired this client’s track record in real estate. While it may have seemed like a potential setback at the time, it was probably the best advice he ever received.

Cory Phillips is the guest expert that was interviewed on our 24th episode of the Kyle Malnati Show! In 2009, Cory co-founded a private real estate development company in Denver specializing in “value-add” or distressed real estate assets that require more proactive management and/or rehabilitation. Most of their real estate investments are located in the 80205 zip code which includes the following Denver neighborhoods: Curtis Park, San Rafael, Five Points, and Whittier.

Here are a few highlights from our YouTube podcast with Cory Phillips:
– Its an honor to make your stamp in the neighborhoods you develop
– None of us are here without the help of MENTORS
– Biggest mistake people make is when they don’t stay in their lane
– Underwrite your investments using a best-case AND worst-case scenario
– Key to Success: learn to “WORK smarter NOT harder”
– Apartment building owners CAN leave a legacy in their neighborhood
– Best advice for aspiring investors: TAKE YOUR TIME!

Quote from the show:
Nike Slogan: “The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is YOU. And you DON’T have to listen.

Kyle’s gift to Cory:
– The book “Tribes” by Seth Godin

Cory’s Recommended Book:
– “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss

Cory also owns/operates a classic vehicle dealership in Denver. Since 2008 Cory and his partners have bought and sold literally thousands of classic vehicles. Cory has developed many worldwide connections and more than half of the time sells these vehicles before they arrive. Worldwide Vintage Autos has become known for having the most desirable classic cars and trucks on the Internet.

Cory has a passion for local charities and is actively looking for ways to better his community. Cory co-founded a charity event called, Havana Nights which helps the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center raise awareness and capital contributions for their cause. The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center is a non-profit organization that protects abused and neglected children.

The Kyle Malnati Show, Episode 24, Introduction:
“Live from Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood, you are watching the Kyle Malnati Show. We are broadcasting from Stewart Title’s Cherry Creek branch, and I’m happy to have my client, Cory Phillips, on our show. We are thankful to Stewart Title for providing us with the space to record our show today. We hope that our interview topics will be helpful to you, the apartment investor, if you’re either: 1) looking to buy your first apartment building, or 2) if you want to add to your existing rental portfolio in 2016.”

The Kyle Malnati Show, General Information:
The Kyle Malnati Show is currently broadcast monthly on YouTube. Our podcast is designed to address topics that appeal to both experienced multifamily owners and aspiring real estate investors. Each episode, Kyle offers advice that will help you maximize your rental real estate business, and he also shares his insights on how a favorite quote should relate to multifamily investors’ lives. This video show is designed to share fundamental information about apartment buildings as well as the latest trends in multifamily investments. There are several ways to watch the show. If you SUBSCRIBE on YouTube or if you FOLLOW our blog, you’ll receive an email every month with the video show post. Please share our content on Social Media through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Thanks for tuning-in, and as Kyle likes to say, “We’ll see you around the neighborhood.”

~Kyle Malnati, Partner/Shareholder
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