Thank You for Helping Me Retire

Last night Courtney and I attended a retirement party for a client of mine named Jim. I was excited all day as I had never been to a retirement party and imagined what the scene might look like. When we arrived, the room was crowded! Courtney turned to me and said that this is exactly what you would hope for your retirement party to look like: a packed house full of good friends, former coworkers, and your family.

I found out that Jim had worked for the same company for 32 years! He had a lot to celebrate that night, and everyone present wanted to congratulate him. He was in such high demand that it was actually difficult for me to gain an audience with him at first. Jim saw us across the room when we arrived, but there were so many people in between us. Courtney and I finally got a chance to say hello to Jim and to offer him a warm congratulations.

The first words out of Jim’s mouth will stay with me forever. Jim said:

Kyle, thank YOU for helping ME retire. A large reason why I could retire is due to the work you’ve done with my apartment buildings.”

I was so honored that Courtney could experience that moment with me. She made the point to me later that evening that Jim’s words were more than a client testimonial. Courtney reminded me that my hard work and effort really matters to my clients.

You see, I have spent a lot of time with Jim over the years… hundreds of phone calls, dozens of showings, and a couple of real estate closings over about 10 years. I originally met Jim in 2007 when I listed a rental property for him. I didn’t get the building sold for him at that time, but I continued to maintain a relationship with him. It was in 2013 that I helped Jim sell an 8-unit building and trade up into a 17-unit building apartment complex in Capitol Hill. 
As a Realtor, I’ve intentionally chosen to specialize in the sale of investment properties. I have always understood that real estate represents MORE than a calculated financial transaction for my clients. The buildings I sell represent freedom to my clients. Jim gets to retire with dignity, because I served him well in his journey. Jim had the freedom to choose retirement from his day-job while he was still healthy and relatively young.

I’ve said it often. Madison Commercial Properties is a mission-driven group dedicated to serving clients that own apartment buildings in Central Denver; our clients own apartments to create net worth, build a family legacy, and provide housing in Denver’s core neighborhoods. We are passionate about doing work that matters. We are a team of energetic, motivated professionals who absolutely love what we do.

For more information about how you can #RetireInspired, I suggest that you pick up a copy of Chris Hogan’s new book: Retire Inspired. Here is a direct link to order the book –

~Kyle Malnati