7 Reasons to Listen to our Real Estate Podcast

I was on the phone last week with a big-time developer in Denver. He’s a really successful businessman, so naturally, he knows how to get right to the point. During our conversation, he asked, “why are you doing this podcast?”

Woah, I knew that I was providing a message that mattered, but no one has asked me this question that directly before…

I answered his question right on-the-spot with several reasons that I started our real estate podcast a year ago. I believe that I provided a compelling justification for the show while I spoke to him.

That question has been banging around in my head ever since he asked it. He cut right through to the heart of the matter, and I thought… maybe there are a lot of people that are asking the same question. Naturally, I felt that it was important to share my answers with you:

WHY did you start the Kyle Malnati Show podcast?
1. Real estate investors have really interesting stories
2. There are many misconceptions about investing in real estate
3. Real estate investors are winners and they have wisdom to share
4. Anyone can build a family legacy in real estate with the right plan
5. People are fascinated about real estate investment
6. Real estate investing appears more complicated than it actually is
7. Our clients don’t look any different… they just think differently

The absolute reality about our show is that its NOT about me. I have been told for years by aspiring investors that you want to know how you experience MORE:
– success
– freedom
– options

We ALL have something to learn, and I’m the first in line when it comes to self improvement. Our show provides an opportunity to expand everyone’s knowledge, and its our goal to make real estate investing more approachable to everyone.

The Kyle Malnati Show, General Information:
The Kyle Malnati Show is currently broadcast monthly on YouTube. The 10-20 minute show is designed to address topics that appeal to both experienced multifamily owners and aspiring real estate investors. Each episode, Kyle offers advice that will help you maximize your rental real estate business, and he also shares his insights on how a favorite quote should relate to multifamily investors’ lives. This video show is designed to share fundamental information about apartment buildings as well as the latest trends in multifamily investments. There are several ways to watch the show. If you SUBSCRIBE on YouTube or if you FOLLOW our blog, you’ll receive an email every month with the video show post. Please share our content on Social Media through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Thanks for tuning-in, and as Kyle likes to say, “We’ll see you around the neighborhood.”

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