Denver: Washington Park & Uptown Apartment Building Sales 2014Q3 Report

Denver: Washington Park and Uptown neighborhood apartment building sales.

Uptown & Washington Park: Denver Apartment Market Report 2014Q3

Uptown & Washington Park: Denver Apartment Market Report 2014Q3

Denver Apartment Buildings For Sale website published its 3rd Quarter newsletter for 2014.

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide insight on the direction of the Central Denver apartment sales market and to recap the transactions that have occurred since the last newsletter was published by Kyle Malnati and Greg Johnson. These transactions occurred in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters of 2014 (6/1/2014-8/31/2014).

Washington Park: Denver Apartment Building Sales: 3 properties sold: Averages – $160.66/SF – $135,204/Unit
6/13/2014 – 285 S. Lincoln St. – Units: 12 – Price: $1,425,000 ($279.91/SF; $118,750/unit)
6/25/2014 – 70 Clarkson St. – Units: 15 – Price: $2,000,000 ($142.88/SF; $133,333/Unit)
7/24/2014 – 707 E. 2nd Ave. – Units: 22 – Price: $3,200,000 ($144.50/SF; $145,455/Unit)

Uptown Neighborhood: Denver Apartment Building Sales: 1 property sold
7/1/2014 – 1934 Grant St. – Units: 12 – Price: $1,752,650 ($231.16/SF; $134,819/unit)

This blog post is an excerpt from the 3rd Quarter Central Denver Apartment Market newsletter which gets published four times each year by Madison Commercial Properties. This newsletter chronicles nineteen transactions during the Summer of 2014 in five of Central Denver’s primary neighborhoods [1). Capitol Hill, 2). Congress Park, 3). Hale/Mayfair, 4). Washington Park, and 5). Uptown]. Greg Johnson and Kyle Malnati represented the Seller and/or Buyer in over one-third (37% market share) of these deals.

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