Denver Apartments: “No one can sell a 5% CAP.”

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Some said we couldn’t sell a 3% CAP either. But, we just did.

Lower CAP rates take extra attention, finesse, and may take a little longer to sell. Our attention span is wide, our approach is tactful, and we have plenty of patience.

True Story – 4185 E. Florida Ave
The sellers had owned the building for 45 years, but the family decided now was time to sell this 52-unit building. They knew of the high prices we’ve been achieving for apartment properties, and contacted us to help them take advantage of the market.

Our comprehensive customized marketing plan highlighted the value-add potential of the property, and sought investors creative enough to reposition the property. Several brokers thought we were crazy, and passed on the opportunity to bring clients to tour the property. Yet within a month we had an offer on the table.

Sometimes a little crazy is good!