Denver Apartment Building Sales: Congress Park Neighborhood 2014Q1 Report

Denver: Congress Park neighborhood apartment building sales. Denver Apartment Buildings For Sale website published its 1st Quarter newsletter for 2014.

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide insight on the direction of the Central Denver apartment sales market, and to recap the transactions that occurred in the 4th Quarter of 2013 and part of the 1st Quarter of 2014 (10/1/2013-1/31/2014).

Congress Park Denver Apartment Building Sales: 8 properties sold: Averages – $202.70/SF – $133,703/Unit

1/28/2014 – 1443 Elizabeth St. – Price: $2,225,000 – Units: 18 ($246.98/SF; $123,611/Unit)
1/28/2014 – 1011 Colorado Blvd. – Price: $11,390,000 – Units: 71 ($219.63/SF; $160,422/Unit)
1/3/2014 – 1362 Clayton St. – Price: $1,415,000 – Units: 12 ($136.04/SF; $117,917/Unit)
12/13/2013 – 1149-1151 Monroe St. – Price: $499,900 – Units: 7 ($183.05/SF; $71,414/Unit)
12/6/2013 – 1280 Clayton St. – Price: $1,940,000 – Units: 20 ($179.20/SF; $97,000/Unit)
10/28/2013 – 1451-1459 Detroit St. – Price: $3,850,000 – Units: 37 ($195.25/SF; $104,054/Unit)
10/17/2013 – 1302 Columbine St. – Price: $3,300,000 – Units: 18 ($199.93/SF; $183,333/Unit)
10/10/2013 – 1432 Madison St. – Price: $650,000 – Units: 6 ($179.86/SF; $108,333/Unit)

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  1. Possibly in the market for apartment building w/owner financing available such as the listing you have in Congress Park.

      • Hi Kyle,
        I am living in Sarasota Fl, at this time, considering relocating to the Denver area, a lot of dominions have to fall in place for this to happen, I am a remodeling contractor, so a rehab is not out of the question, DU area, City Park, actually I am not against any certain location, a long as it is not crime ridden, my wife and 14 year old daughter will eventually be moving out that way with me. As you know being self employed brings challenges to getting traditional financing, anyway you can text email me as to when is a good time to talk over a few options,
        Kindly, William 941-504-4234

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