Calibrate Welcomes Conner Piretti!

In addition to a desire for unparalleled client service, another driving reason for launching Calibrate Real Estate last year was to create a platform for adding exceptional brokers to the team.

Greg and Kyle intentionally work with individuals that take initiative and create opportunities. They want teammates that: 1) demonstrate a passion within the real estate industry and 2) display leadership skills while positively impacting the lives of their clients.

Calibrate’s new broker, Conner Piretti, has rung that bell!

During his 5.5 year tenure Cornerstone Apartment Services, Conner Piretti worked directly with multifamily owners as he managed the operation, maintenance, renovation, leasing, and tenant relations for 21 apartment buildings in Central Denver. In 2016 Conner successfully closed 17 transactions as a broker at Kentwood, Denver’s premier residential brokerage firm.

The focus of Calibrate Real Estate is to fill the brokerage gap between what residential firms can’t do, and what commercial firms won’t do.

A key belief of the company is that private multifamily investors require a high level of market research and quantitative analysis, and they deserve a brokerage partner that listens to their personal goals and tailors a plan to achieve them.

“We were impressed with his local real estate experience; Kentwood and Cornerstone are ‘household names’ in the Denver real estate community. We believe that Conner Piretti will be an amazing compliment to our brokerage team.” ~Kyle Malnati

Calibrate Real Estate, LLC, is a Denver-based commercial real estate brokerage company specializing in apartment building brokerage services and investment sales. The firm is led by Kyle Malnati and Greg Johnson and is dedicated to serving clients that own apartment buildings in Central Denver with a focus on precision, excellence and determination in the market. For more information, visit


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