Carly Juve: Our New Marketing Coordinator!

The job market is competitive especially for marketing positions, and imagine the daunting task of competing for your first marketing gig in a brand new city! After a grueling process of submitting 100 (seriously… 100) job applications to other firms, Carly Juve’s resume landed on my desk.

Carly was 1 of 34 other qualified applicants for our Marketing position. Her resume immediately stood out to me; the creative design elements, clever personal branding, thoughtful content, and relevant coursework all made a positive impression. Its definitely a good sign that you can effectively market yourself if you want to work in marketing!

At Madison Commercial Properties, we enjoy working with individuals that take initiative and create opportunities. We want teammates that: 1) demonstrate their passion within the real estate industry and 2) display leadership skills while positively impacting the lives of our clients. Carly Juve has answered that call!

Carly Juve: Marketing Coordinator

Carly Juve: Marketing Coordinator

Carly is a Minnesota native that was raised by entrepreneurial parents, and she is a recent graduate from the University of Florida, Gainesville (go GATORS). During college Carly was driven to gain experience outside of the classroom. She worked as an Event Marketing Manager for Sportody in Gainesville during her final semester at University of Florida. Carly also held two different internships during her Junior year (PR Consulting in New York and Irving Publications in Florida). I was especially impressed when I called the VP of Marketing at Sportody to review her references before hiring Carly; I received a glowing recommendation!

Carly started with our apartment brokerage team a few months ago, and she has demonstrated an amazing commitment to an accelerated learning process. All of our teammates are required to pass a rigorous 90-day “Interim Employment Arrangement” period. In just a couple of months with our team, Carly has shown that she inspires and influences those around her, and most importantly, she has shown that she is a great cultural fit on our team. Carly is energetic, motivated, and she really cares about making an impact.

Carly’s responsibility as Marketing Coordinator is an extremely important role on our team. She is responsible for creating print, email, and social media marketing for our apartment brokerage team. Carly will also serve as the producer of the Kyle Malnati Show on YouTube as well as the Public Relations guru for team.

Madison Commercial Properties is a mission-driven group dedicated to serving clients that own apartment buildings in Central Denver; our clients own apartments to create net worth, build a family legacy, and provide housing in Denver’s core neighborhoods. We are passionate about doing work that matters! We are a team of energetic, motivated professionals who absolutely love what we do. Our environment is fun and fast-paced, and we really do care about treating each other like we want to be treated.


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